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Laser technology has become a part of our daily lives since the early 80’s, from CD players and printers, to bar code scanners and medical equipment. Since then it has evolved record breaking and revolutionary solutions, replacing conventional practices in the industry and is one of the largest industries contributing positively to lowering the carbon footprint in the world.

A solid example of lasers looking after the environment is laser cleaning. Laser cleaning is not just effective, but also friendly to the environment. To top it off, the efficiency of laser cleaning is reducing the time spent on cleaning a surface area to an astronomical percentage. Less down time is required to clean a surface area, which leads to a smaller financial impact. COMPARE METHODS…

Lasertronics supplies laser cleaning units to the local and African markets. With a range from 50 to 2000 Watt units available, and different choices of laser propagation to suite your industry. A choice also exists to have the units mobile or stationary or customized to your specifications.