Class 4 lasers (read below) will cause permanent blindness if directly pointed at a person’s eyes, plasma reflections may cause eye irritation if directly exposed to eyes. Due to these risks, eye protection should always be worn. OD+4 goggles is preferable.

As the laser cleaner vaporizes the material plasma (see diagram), potentially harmful fumes may be released that can damage your sinuses and dry out/irritate your eyes. Some fumes may sting your nose and throat and may cause burning and/or watery eyes. Work in a well ventilated area, or use an extractor fan, alternatively you can use a respirator.

Class 4 lasers may harm the skin and cause radiation burns if exposed to the skin for a continuous duration of time. Avoid direct skin contact.

Class 4 lasers

Class 4 lasers are high power (CW. >500mW or pulsed >10J/cm²) devices. A Class 4 laser system (“High-Power” laser) is a hazard to the eye or skin from direct beam and sometimes from a diffuse reflection and they also present a potential fire hazard. Class 4 laser systems may also produce laser generated air contaminants and hazardous plasma radiation. Most industrial, scientific, military, and medical lasers are in this category.