Rust removal, paint stripping, degreasing, decarboning and general cleaning only scratches the surface of what laser cleaning can do. With an abundance of settings, you can prepare surfaces for painting, polish your steel parts and even clean welding seams.

Cookware and counter tops: laser cleaning not only cleans off oil, grease and other gunk with high efficiency and little time, but also completely disinfects surfaces with no aid from chemicals, other fluids or any hand held cleaning materials/tools.

Parts:  Polishing the surface and cleaning off welding marks and/or finger marks.

Laser cleaning does not scratch or etch surfaces!

Some applications for laser cleaning on cast iron includes rust removal, surface polishing, degreasing, paint removal and paint preparation

Polishing, paint prepping and general cleaning.

Some applications for laser cleaning wood includes varnish/paint removal, cleaning soot and carbon/burn marks. In most cases our laser cleaners brought out the natural colour of the wood!

Laser cleaners are becoming wildly popular for its ability to clean different types of stones, most notably being used to restorate historic buildings and statues, without damaging the surface.

Some plastics and composites can be laser cleaned, depending on laser power and the parts’ ability to handle some heat.

Nuclear decontamination, cleaning resin, rubber and other compounds from moulds, pre-welding treatment.

NOTE: applications for laser cleaning is not limited to what is specified above, should you have a specific application, please feel free to contact us.